Mandela Day is not just an annual event; it’s a commitment to uphold an inspiring legacy – daily. In our fast-paced lives, we often need a gentle nudge (even if it comes just once a year) to remind us of the importance of making a difference.

Planting Trees for a Sustainable Future

To support this year’s campaign, we have donated towards the planting of 67 trees. However, we believe it’s more than the 67 trees… this post… or being able to partake in the day itself…

As we pay tribute to this local legacy, we also explore a beautiful connection that demonstrates how one decision or encounter contributes towards a network of others.

Unlocking the Power of Mandela Day

Being mindful of the patterns of interconnectedness that exists all around us:

The Mandela Day Theme

This year’s #MandelaDay2023 theme urges us to utilize our hands for good, particularly in addressing hunger and climate change by planting trees and cultivating food in our communities, cities, gardens, and even on our pavements. The ambitious goal is to plant one million trees worldwide on #MandelaDay2023; considering that this is only 0.0125% of our world’s population this is more attainable than it sounds!

Encountering Antony and His Inspiring Quest

It seems almost serendipitous that we have met Antony and learnt of his altruistic approach to doing better. His passionate mission to raise enough funds for planting 1 000 000 trees (exact location yet to be determined) has led him to embark on a challenging journey, walking the entire length of Sri Lanka, covering approximately 1000 kilometers!

Learn more

The Significance of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, renowned for its abundant coconut production, holds a special place in our hearts. A significant portion of the coconut carbon we provide is sourced from this region. Thus, we have a deep appreciation for this part of our planet and belief it plays a vital role in sustainability within industry.

Unlocking the Power of Mandela Day

Quenching the Thirst to Make a Difference; to do better

Looking for a spontaneous way to make a difference this Mandela Day? Visit Antony’s Campaign and let his story inspire you to contribute towards a ripple of positive exchanges.

Together, let’s care enough to create lasting change by embracing the essence of Mandela Day and #dobetter.

#itsinyourhands #dobetter

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