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Our Story

At UDEC, we are committed to working with complete integrity.  We believe in working hard, expanding our skills, pushing the industry limits, and innovating new solutions that improve yields and about safety for our clients.

We have remained Southern Africa’s trusted premier and preferred supplier of process materials, speciality chemicals and adsorbents and with over three decades of experience – at the heart of that success is our dedication to quality and service.

We are passionate about providing our clients with peace of mind knowing that their requirements are being met by industry leaders and dedicated innovators who have their success and growth in mind.

UDEC helps eliminate the frustrations of inferior products, lackluster service, and inefficient processes by providing a comprehensive offering centered on quality, expertise and on-going technical support.

We have worked tirelessly to curate a comprehensive offering – starting with our extensive array of premium products.  Our goal is to provide on-going support and a one-stop-solution for our clients at every turn.

Our Vision

We aim to play a meaningful role in enabling Southern African industry to thrive globally through the delivery and support of best in-class process technologies and materials.

Our Mission

We increase production yields and reduce operational costs by supplying the correct products and solutions. We offer our customers the best quality, choice and technical support.

Lead from the front with passion and unwavering integrity; respect and support your team and your clients… and you will remain the positive surprise!
UDEC Group


Our Purpose

To empower and encourage efficient processing of our planet’s natural resources. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in constantly finding new ways to add value to our clients and going the extra mile.

The UDEC Culture

We embrace a fun, energetic workplace fuelled by innovation and a dedication to quality results.

Our History

Hans Perabo founded UDEC Pty Ltd (known as UDEC Process) in 1990, marketing process equipment and technology in the fruit, wine and process industries.

Barbara Farrell, Hans’ daughter,  joined the UDEC team in 2003 and started UDEC Trading Pty Ltd in 2004, with a primary focus on process materials, speciality chemicals and adsorbents. UDEC Siyaba and UDEC Thermal were founded in 2013 and 2019 respectively and added a dedicated logistical and technical team to the Group.

Hans has recently sold his shares in UDEC Process and has retired. Hans has been an exceptional role model and we would like to thank him for his steadfast support throughout the years and ongoing guidance.

UDEC Process remains separate from the UDEC Group and are established leaders within the South African process technology industry providing stand-alone machinery, turn-key plants and competent service and backup.

UDEC Group

Our Executive Team

UDEC Group

Barbara Farrell


UDEC Group

Xander Kock

Managing Director

UDEC Group

Emiley Vollmer


Our Leadership Team

UDEC Group

Christa Franken

Office Manager

UDEC Group

Werner v/d Merwe

Technical Manager

UDEC Group

Terry Lawrence

Procurement & Logistics Manager

UDEC Group

Jade Dowrie

Marketing Manager

The UDEC Group

The UDEC Group consists of UDEC Trading, UDEC Siyaba and UDEC Thermal. Each entity fulfils a specific role within the Group – contributing to a collective, holistic solution. These roles include: international sourcing, technical support, logistics and warehousing.

UDEC Group
UDEC Trading
UDEC Trading
UDEC Siyaba
UDEC Trading
UDEC Thermal
UDEC Trading

With over 35 years of experience, UDEC is the innovative industry leader and specialist in process materials, speciality chemicals and adsorbents.

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1 Lions Pride Building,Zandwyk Industrial ParkOld Paarl Road, Paarl, 7646

+27 21 872 8125



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