Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves are alumino-silicate adsorbents made from a porous material in powder called zeolite that can be shaped into beads and pellets of a few millimetres thanks to binding clays. This material shows a crystal structure with channels and pores, and a wide electronically active surface area.

Thanks to these characteristics, zeolites have the ability to selectively capture and retain (“adsorb”) polar molecules that are small enough to enter their pores. Based on the pore size, they are called 3, 4, 5 or 10/13X Å molecular sieves. There are a large range of different molecular sieve types in various shapes, specially developed for every application.

Molecular Sieves can be used in static applications (product is not regenerated), or in dynamic applications (product is regenerated when it becomes saturated).

Advantages Include:

  • High water adsorption capacity
  • Outstanding adsorption capacity for polar molecules in particular oxygenates and sulfur compounds
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low attrition


Static Applications

  • Building industry: insulating glass and polyurethane (PU) formulation
  • Plastics and coatings: polymers for packaging
  • Automotive and refrigeration systems

Industrial Gases

  • Air separation unit (oxygen plants)
  • Hydrogen purification

Oil & Gas

  • Natural Gas and liquids drying
  • Natural Gas and liquids sweetening
  • Cracked Gas and olefin purification
  • Refining
  • Ethanol drying
  • Mercury removal

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