In the world of gold recovery, we understand that complexity, ingenuity, and rigor reign supreme.

We, UDEC Group, in collaboration with our partners at Jacobi Group, therefore set our sights on curating the “Go for Gold” Conference. This network event aimed to provide unique learning opportunities, explore value solutions, and connect with enthusiasts and experts who have dedicated their lives to the South African Gold Industry. Afterall, it was long overdue for all of us to connect in person, under one roof.

Sitting on an old gold mine, literally… to cultivating a mine of our own

On October 24, 2023, all organizers, presenters, exhibitors, and guests gathered from far and wide at the Gold Reef City Theme Park, a quintessential tribute to the heart of South Africa’s iconic gold rush era.

At its core, Go for Gold was a quest to promote the power of shared knowledge and insights. It was an assembly where industry leaders, forward-thinkers, and passionate individuals converged to unearth and exchange nuggets of wisdom, and we did.

In simple terms, we believe that by combining resources, intelligence, and expertise – we can better propel and secure our gold status for the industry at large.

Carefully curated, the day’s diverse program consisted of presentations from Jacobi Group, UDEC Group, Maelgwyn, Watercare Mining, Multotec, Pan African, Harmony, and DRDGold which not only fostered healthy discussions, but a sense of collective interest and pride for all things gold.

Shaping a golden legacy

The conference room also featured exhibitor stands from 8 wonderful providers: Air Liquide, Kemix, Maelgwyn, Mixtec, Multotec, Pump & Abrasion Technologies, Watercare Mining, and Weir Chemicals – to which we were extra grateful for their generous contributions to the official Go for Gold goodie bags too.

Let’s not forget some Rugby World Cup gees! With it being the week before the final (in which South Africa was set to play), we were not going to miss the opportunity to celebrate. ~ Well done to the Springboks for bringing back the gold!

Overall, we were, and still are, in ore of the overwhelming response from all the positive feedback received. We celebrate as we revel in a successful day of networking, meaningful knowledge sharing,  and an inspiring group of people but it doesn’t end there.

Becoming Alloys of Excellence

In the spirit of collaboration, we were excited to launch the Gold Carbon Community (GCC), an initiative aimed at further solidifying our network and strengthening the bonds that were formed at the conference.

The GCC is a LinkedIn Group designed to facilitate ongoing communication, knowledge sharing, and cooperation by any stakeholder within the gold industry, both within and beyond South Africa. Although endorsed by us and Jacobi Group, the vision for this platform is for it to become a go-to solution for all it’s members, and no, it doesn’t have to be strictly carbon related content.

As a symbol of excellence and a testament to the enduring allure of this precious metal, we believe it deserves a legacy beyond just ourselves and this generation.

Together we can build that legacy, today.


Interested in joining the GCC? Follow this link