Press Release – UDEC Group and RABOTEC signs agreement to serve West African mining community.

15 May 2024, Accra, Ghana – UDEC Trading Pty (Ltd) and RABOTEC has joined forces to serve the West African mining community with the world’s leading activated carbon for gold recovery, PicaGold®.

UDEC has been the leader in assisting clients to achieve, and exceed, gold recovery targets in Southern Africa for more than a decade. UDEC’s approach of backing the best-in-class carbon with unparalleled technical service will now be available in West Africa through one of the leaders in West African mining services, RABOTEC. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, RABOTEC is devoted to lasting success in serving international companies within the industries of Mining, Oil & Gas, and power generation through our expertise in all mining services, ranging from project execution to onsite operational services.

“We are very excited about the potential that can be realised in West Africa by working with such a progressive team, under the leadership of Mr. Ali Ibrahim. UDEC has always pride ourselves in our quest to try and do better for our clients through an approach of partnerships built on demonstrated track-record. In RABOTEC we have a partner that have built their business on the same foundations as ours.”

Xander Kock – Managing Director UDEC Group.